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How to Find the Best Divorce Attorney

Divorce is often a stressful and complicated legal process. A skilled and experienced attorney can help you to navigate the complexities of your case, protect your rights, and fight for what is fair. Choosing the best Divorce Attorney in Chicago can be difficult. However, this article will provide some tips that can help you find an attorney who is right for you.

The best Divorce Attorney in Chicago will have a significant track record handling divorce and family law cases. In addition, they will have a deep understanding of Illinois family law and local court procedures. These lawyers also have relationships with other legal professionals, which can be beneficial for resolving a divorce or complex family law issue.

Finding the best Divorce Attorney in Chicago will take some time, but it is important that you spend the time to find the lawyer who will be the best fit for your case. Whether you are looking for a divorce or custody attorney, the lawyer you choose will impact your life significantly, so it is important that you take your time and do your research.

While you may be tempted to save money by hiring a cheap Divorce Attorney, this can actually cost you more in the long run. A quality divorce attorney will have a strong background in family law and can help you to get the maximum benefits from your case. In addition, an experienced attorney will know how to protect your assets and property.

If you are able to reach agreement with your spouse on the issues of alimony, child custody and division of assets, you can avoid going to court altogether by filing an uncontested divorce. An experienced attorney will be able to quickly prepare the necessary documents and file them with the court. Then, you can move forward with your life without the hassle of a contested divorce.

Even if you are able to agree on all of the issues in your divorce, it is still essential that an experienced attorney draft what is called a Marital Settlement Agreement and Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage. This document must be approved by a Judge to dissolve the marriage bonds.

In a divorce, the issues of asset and debt division are typically the most contentious. The state of Illinois uses the principle of equitable distribution when dividing marital property. This does not necessarily mean that all property will be divided equally, but fairly. This includes physical property, funds in bank accounts, professional practices and family businesses, and trusts or estates.

The Law Office of Philip Brigham, LLC has been serving clients in Chicago since 2010. The firm handles a variety of family law matters including divorce, child support, spousal support and child custody. It also represents clients in cases involving domestic violence. In addition, it has extensive experience in the area of appeals. The firm is rated as high-premium by Super Lawyers and is affiliated with the National Association of Trial Lawyers.

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